Chinese website offering Parenting Tips

The China Family Education Society of the All-China Women’s Federation has a (Chinese) site to help parents in China by offering parenting tips at

Xinhua reported (March 2009) that:

BEIJING — China launched a website here Saturday to offer guidance on parenting and serve as a platform for parents across the country to share parenting experiences through blogs and online forums.

The Society said at the launch ceremony that it has hired 50 Chinese experts on education, psychology, nutritional health, juvenile delinquency prevention, to research into parenting and offer consultations online.Chinese Parenting

Mostly with only one child, Chinese parents now pay more attention to parenting guidance offered by professionals rather than holding on to experiences from older generations.

The website would also update parents on the latest events related to parenting, according to the Society.

The website,, is affiliated to the China Family Education Society of the All-China Women’s Federation.

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